Freshly unveiled at LVMH Watch Week by Hublot is the striking MP-10 Tourbillon Weight Energy System Titanium. This innovative timepiece revolutionizes traditional watchmaking architecture with its unique vertical configuration, seamlessly integrating movement and dial. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe describes it as the culmination of unrestricted creativity from their designers and watchmakers: “I gave our designers and watchmakers carte blanche, and this is the fruit of their labours.”

Deciphering time on the MP-10 is surprisingly straightforward, thanks to a stack of four rotating displays. Both the hour and minute indicators feature clear text alongside red pointers, making it effortless to discern the time—such as 10:45, as depicted in the accompanying image. Beneath these indicators lies the rotating power reserve display, transitioning from green to red as needed, offering a simple visual cue. Lastly, the second display is ingeniously integrated into the tourbillon cage itself, crafted from monobloc aluminium and set at a distinctive 35° angle. This groundbreaking setup, which took five years of intensive research and development to realize, is currently patent pending, showcasing Hublot’s dedication to innovation.

Innovating beyond the conventional rotor mechanism, the MP-10 showcases a unique automatic winding system. Instead of a single rotor, it features two vertical weights crafted from white gold, positioned on either side of the case. These weights are mounted on a vertical axis, granting them freedom of movement to power the movement. To prevent disruptive motion, Hublot has incorporated a sophisticated system of shock absorbers. The result is the groundbreaking HUB9013 manufacture movement—a testament to creativity and extravagance, embodying the essence of the timepiece. Operating at a frequency of 3 Hz and boasting a 48-hour power reserve, it also offers manual winding capability through the crown located at 12 o’clock. Notably, this crown is reserved solely for winding purposes, as time setting is achieved through a separate crown on the case back.

Encased in shiny micro blasted titanium, the MP-10 boasts dimensions of 41.5mm in width, 54.1mm in height, and 22.4mm in thickness, with a water resistance of up to 30 meters. Setting a new standard, the crystal is Hublot’s most intricate yet, spanning three inclined planes. This complexity extends to the integrated rubber strap, which, unsurprisingly, stands as their most elaborate design to date, perfectly complementing the intricacies of the case construction.